Artificial Intelligence InsurTech seeking Logic Developer (Consultant) is an Artificial Intelligence InsurTech software startup.  We are an exchange for commercial insurance, using artificial intelligence to bring together customers, retail and wholesale brokers, and insurance companies.  We currently work with over 20 major insurance companies to streamline the issuance and management of commercial insurance — a multi-trillion dollar global industry.  We were recently named to the “Hot 100” by Intelligent Insurer Magazine, and are rapidly growing. uses artificial intelligence in several ways:

  • We use machine learning to create prediction and recommendation models.  This allows finding the best match for the risks of a commercial customer to the policies that cover those risks from insurance providers.
  • We use logic and inference in a reasoning process to understand the insurance needs of a company, acquire and utilize relevant data, and determine if insurance policy requirements are met via underwriting.
  • We create a Risk Knowledge Graph to capture knowledge about businesses, the sources of commercial risk, and risk coverage options found in insurance policies.
  • Our A.I. Agents interact with customers, brokers, and insurance providers in real-time, streamlining the flow of information.

We are seeking a project-based/part-time consultant focusing on logic programming.

The ideal candidate would be in the Greater New York City area and be available for occasional on-site meetings in our offices in Lower Manhattan, but the majority of the work can be remote.

Experience desired:

  • Logic Programming in Prolog
  • Constraint Solvers, Tabling
  • XSB Prolog ( )
  • Reasoners and Inference Algorithms (forward chaining, backward chaining)
  • Knowledge Representation, Rules, Semantic Web (OWL Ontology, RDF, SPARQL)
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms such as Planning
  • Java/JVM Programming Experience

The consultant will focus on logic programming within’s reasoning processes.

Help reshape one of the largest global industries to better fit today’s risks and opportunities using artificial intelligence!

Please contact:

Applicants only; please no recruiters.


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